The Group, The Legend, The Magazine

G.A.A., or Genealogy Addicts Anonymous began its humble existence as a Facebook group for people who enjoy their absolute addiction to genealogy. A place to share stories of victories and of failures without any glassy eyes, rolled eyes, or closed eyes. Somewhere to support each other in breaking down walls and tearing out hair. A support group for an addiction that has no known cure, and, frankly, none of us want one.

That humble little Facebook group filled a necessary niche in the world. With so many Facebook groups for genealogy out there, you wouldn’t think it possible. But here was a group for camaraderie and research. And so the legend was born.

With the Facebook group fast approaching 12,000 members, it occurred to the Admins and Staff at GAA that there was more we could do. We can use this voice we have to help others. In a larger forum, we might be able to help our Addicts connect with cousins that aren’t on Facebook. We might be able to reach someone who doesn’t know how to do genealogy, isn’t even maybe aware it exists as a “hobby,” or maybe just doesn’t know there’s anyone out there as addicted to it as they are.

And so here we are. Launching a blog that’s more than a blog. Its a magazine; By the Addicts, for the Addicts. A new journey awaits…

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