A Dream or Vision

Following is a poem submitted by Courtney Birkes and written by her 2nd great-grandmother, Eva Lloyd Roy in 1914. (Featured image is Eva's home ca. 1920s.) A Dream or Vision by Eva (Lloyd) Roy Written in March 1914, Dreamed in 1867 When but a little child at home Within the silent night, I started on... Continue Reading →

A Call To Action

An inspirational speech brought to you by Linda Schreiber of GenealogyRambles: Well, it's time.... I need to open the door on all my old memories, and actually start writing my own story for my descendants. Scary prospect.... I can't just put in the bare facts and the pretty, pleasant things. I need to boil down,... Continue Reading →

Tip From A Family Historian

By Cathleen Bravo I love organization!!! I can't express enough on how important it is when doing genealogy. There are so many ways to organize your data. There are binders, scrapbooks, lists, hard drives, genealogy programs, etc. I use all of these methods but wanted something to compliment each individual that I could place in... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Reasons to Write for GAA Magazine

By Ellen Anderson, Editor You've been thinking about submitting an article for GAA Magazine, but you haven't actually done it yet. Here are 10 reasons you should bite the bullet and hit send! You will be able to brag that you are a published author. It's an opportunity to share your research with a like-minded audience. Get... Continue Reading →

Creating a Genealogy Book

By Anne Marie Rock This post was inspired by Anne Marie's post on the GAA Facebook group. Group members can see the original post here. Have you ever thought about putting together a book to share your genealogy research with your family?  I completed my first book a couple years ago and am currently in... Continue Reading →

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