Spotlight Stories: Love

In this column we ask our members to share brief stories related to a specific topic each week. For this issue we asked for stories of love and romance among their ancestors. Next Issue: Brickwalls are always frustrating! Give us a quick overview of your most difficult brickwall ancestor in 250 words or less. This... Continue Reading →

Finding Catherine: Part 2

By Nancy Gilbride Casey Last week, in Part 1, Nancy had a lead on her ancestor Catherine Gilbride. This week we hear what she learned. Please note a correction has been made to Part 1: "Since writing this article in December, my cousin Tom discovered that there had been a Hyde Park Catholic Cemetery in Scranton, as... Continue Reading →

Finding Catherine: Part 1

By Nancy Gilbride Casey Updated with corrections 1/12/2018 Every family has a few stubborn genealogical brick walls which seem insurmountable. Months and years of research may come and go with no resolution. In our family’s case, my cousin Tom and I were picking up where our Aunt Margaret had left off years ago–back in the... Continue Reading →

My Grandmother

By Gloria Caruso My grandmother, Gloria Eugenia Leopoldan Abren Morejon was born in Artemisa, Cuba. Her name was bigger than she was at barely 5 ft tall, but don’t let that fool you. You’d never know by looking at her that she was Cuban, she was so pale. I have no clue if her red... Continue Reading →


By Leigh Pritchard Loss doesn't always have to be a sad thing. Yes, in the beginning you cry, then you are angry (I am still in this section), and maybe you can come to terms with what has happened. But when it is all said and done, you can try to look back at the... Continue Reading →

The Lady from Duneany

By Pattie Morgan I will tell you of my great-grandmother, Elizabeth Scott.  Hers is a life that bridges two centuries – and two countries. Born in Duneany on 27 November 1872, Lizzie was the first of ten children born to James Scott and Mary Calderwood.  The Ireland in which Lizzie grew up was a turbulent... Continue Reading →

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