Fearful Double Tragedy

By Heather Turner This story is about my great-great-aunt, Eva Patton (Nutter) and Richard Orville Patton in drunk jealous rage Richard shot his wife to death on their youngest son Earl's second birthday, December 11, 1914, and then committed suicide Eva was carrying their third child expected to be born in the spring  the  pictures are of... Continue Reading →

How I Became the Family Historian

By Cathleen Bravo When I was about 10 years old,  I would ask some questions about my family and would write the answers down. Not sure why I did. My paternal grandma didn't write so I would write for her. I would ask her about her life as a young girl every time I spent... Continue Reading →

A Family Letter

By Nancy Crawford This is a transcription of a letter written by Joseph Gallitin Yarbro (1829-1918) to one of his granddaughters. I’m related to him in several different ways due to intermarriage. Most directly, he would be my 3rd great uncle by marriage, he’s also my first cousin four times removed and my first cousin... Continue Reading →

Genealogy Humor

By Julianne Adamik Genealogy humor…a true story! While visiting my brother and his family recently the topic of conversation turned to genealogy. No surprise since it seems to slip into every conversation I have these days. Yes, I admit it. I’m a genealogy addict. My brother’s two granddaughters (ages 9 and 7) were intently listening... Continue Reading →

A Call To Action

An inspirational speech brought to you by Linda Schreiber of GenealogyRambles: Well, it's time.... I need to open the door on all my old memories, and actually start writing my own story for my descendants. Scary prospect.... I can't just put in the bare facts and the pretty, pleasant things. I need to boil down,... Continue Reading →

Two Postcards

By Mary Schultz No one sends postcards these days. Electronic devices are so easy to use to stay in touch. Photos, messages and information can be sent in seconds. Could a postcard or letter that takes forever to arrive mean anything? This is a story about two postcards, decades apart, that brought family together. The... Continue Reading →

Twilight Zone

By Lynn Bensy So....... what's the likelihood of this?  My cousin, Connie, and I attended a hands-on Cemetery Preservation Workshop on "how to clean cemetery headstones" at The Old Brick Church (otherwise known as Old St. Luke's built in the 1600's) in Isle of Wight County, Va,.  This is the county from which Connie's entire family originated,... Continue Reading →

The Question of William Wallis

By Sue Bergen My grandfather used to fulminate “William Wallis – he stole everything AND he got away with it!”  My aunt recalled that, as a child, she heard that her grandfather used to have a big house with antique rugs and that he lost it all.  She thought that he must have been remarkably... Continue Reading →

Spotlight Stories: Love

In this column we ask our members to share brief stories related to a specific topic each week. For this issue we asked for stories of love and romance among their ancestors. Next Issue: Brickwalls are always frustrating! Give us a quick overview of your most difficult brickwall ancestor in 250 words or less. This... Continue Reading →

Finding Catherine: Part 2

By Nancy Gilbride Casey Last week, in Part 1, Nancy had a lead on her ancestor Catherine Gilbride. This week we hear what she learned. Please note a correction has been made to Part 1: "Since writing this article in December, my cousin Tom discovered that there had been a Hyde Park Catholic Cemetery in Scranton, as... Continue Reading →

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