Fashions and Fun Times For September 1900

by Susan Randolph Neikirk September 1900 McCall's Magazine So many fashions throughout the decades, changing month to month just as today. Searching through family photos we wonder what the year may be as we look at Great Great granny. You can educate yourself by looking through old magazines. McCall's was a major fashion source for... Continue Reading →

Start Your Engines

By Sue Neikirk We all have to start somewhere and often many find it rather frightening about how, and who, to begin. When I started my own climb up the family tree 40+ years ago. I was on my own in the search and there was very little on how to start the climb, but... Continue Reading →

Naming Patterns as an Aid to Research

By Nancy Crawford   Naming patterns can be a terrific aid to research. One example that springs readily to mind is the way naming patterns provided an essential clue to breaking down a former brick wall in my own research. I had always known that one of my great-great grandfather’s was named James Allison Ferry... Continue Reading →

Tip From A Family Historian

By Cathleen Bravo I love organization!!! I can't express enough on how important it is when doing genealogy. There are so many ways to organize your data. There are binders, scrapbooks, lists, hard drives, genealogy programs, etc. I use all of these methods but wanted something to compliment each individual that I could place in... Continue Reading →

The Big Power of Tiny DNA

By Nancy Gilbride Casey This article was originally published as a post on my blog, "Leaves on the Tree," on 28 March 2018, on Blogger. I had chills, I had tears in my eyes, and my laughter escaped into the room. After a long, hard year researching every possible angle, it all came down to... Continue Reading →

Obits In Your Inbox

By Ellen Anderson This blog post was originally published on my blog, Andersonology, March 10, 2018. You can find the original post here: A few weeks ago I attended a fantastic webinar put on by the Guild of One Name Studies. If you haven’t heard about their free webinar series this year, I highly recommend signing up for... Continue Reading →

Wherein I Endlessly (and Shamelessly) Praise Public Libraries

By Melissa Lowrey Fugiel This post was originally published on Melissa's blog, About Those Ancestors. See the original post here: I recently blogged about my trials and travails regarding one Joseph H. Taylor, Esq. I’m only bringing it up again because I want to talk about our absolutely wonderful public libraries and what an amazing resource... Continue Reading →

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