“When the legend becomes fact…print the legend”

“When the legend becomes fact…print the legend”: The tragic death of Johann Conrad “JC” Muehleisen By Jacqueline L. Starkey My feisty, opinionated grandmother detested her middle name.  That name was Melcena, given to her in honor of her grandmother, Melcena Millison.  As a child, I was fascinated by this name that appeared to be handed... Continue Reading →

Preparing for Death

By Linda Schreiber [Featured Image: My Great-Grandparents, Silas Alexander Hoover and Martha Ellen Carrick, with their family.] A farming family in southern Missouri, they made the decision to move to Guthrie, Oklahoma, in 1903. It was then a booming town, capital of Oklahoma Territory. Silas started a livery stable in town, and they had a... Continue Reading →

Fearful Double Tragedy

By Heather Turner This story is about my great-great-aunt, Eva Patton (Nutter) and Richard Orville Patton in drunk jealous rage Richard shot his wife to death on their youngest son Earl's second birthday, December 11, 1914, and then committed suicide Eva was carrying their third child expected to be born in the spring  the  pictures are of... Continue Reading →

Wherein I Endlessly (and Shamelessly) Praise Public Libraries

By Melissa Lowrey Fugiel This post was originally published on Melissa's blog, About Those Ancestors. See the original post here: https://aboutthoseancestors.wordpress.com/2015/03/03/wherein-i-endlessly-and-shamelessly-praise-public-libraries/ I recently blogged about my trials and travails regarding one Joseph H. Taylor, Esq. I’m only bringing it up again because I want to talk about our absolutely wonderful public libraries and what an amazing resource... Continue Reading →

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