Query Success in Genealogy Facebook Groups

By Ellen Anderson This post was originally published on Ellen's blog, Andersonology, on November 17, 2017. View the original post here: https://ellen2321.wordpress.com/2017/11/17/query-success-in-genealogy-facebook-groups/  As a member of many genealogy Facebook groups and an admin in one (shoutout to GAA), I have seen a lot of questions on my newsfeed. Unfortunately, many people never get their questions answered,... Continue Reading →

Tracing outside your direct line

How I proved my connection to the Helfrich Family by Jen Rickards of Auntie Jen's Family Trees Originally published on Auntie Jen's Family Trees. Visit the original post. There has been a lot of talk amongst genealogists about researching people that are not in your direct line. Some feel it is not necessary. Well I... Continue Reading →

Finding Catherine: Part 2

By Nancy Gilbride Casey Last week, in Part 1, Nancy had a lead on her ancestor Catherine Gilbride. This week we hear what she learned. Please note a correction has been made to Part 1: "Since writing this article in December, my cousin Tom discovered that there had been a Hyde Park Catholic Cemetery in Scranton, as... Continue Reading →

Finding Catherine: Part 1

By Nancy Gilbride Casey Updated with corrections 1/12/2018 Every family has a few stubborn genealogical brick walls which seem insurmountable. Months and years of research may come and go with no resolution. In our family’s case, my cousin Tom and I were picking up where our Aunt Margaret had left off years ago–back in the... Continue Reading →

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