Obits In Your Inbox

By Ellen Anderson This blog post was originally published on my blog, Andersonology, March 10, 2018. You can find the original post here: A few weeks ago I attended a fantastic webinar put on by the Guild of One Name Studies. If you haven’t heard about their free webinar series this year, I highly recommend signing up for... Continue Reading →

The Unknown Story of Elizabeth

By Diane Pusieski In the cemetery at St. Louis Catholic Church, there is a headstone of a little girl who is related to me.  I have never known of this young child as she died so early in life.  Her name is Elizabeth Kleczynski; she was born 12 May 1924 and died 17 May 1924. ... Continue Reading →

Twilight Zone

By Lynn Bensy So....... what's the likelihood of this?  My cousin, Connie, and I attended a hands-on Cemetery Preservation Workshop on "how to clean cemetery headstones" at The Old Brick Church (otherwise known as Old St. Luke's built in the 1600's) in Isle of Wight County, Va,.  This is the county from which Connie's entire family originated,... Continue Reading →

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