Genealogy Humor

By Julianne Adamik Genealogy humor…a true story! While visiting my brother and his family recently the topic of conversation turned to genealogy. No surprise since it seems to slip into every conversation I have these days. Yes, I admit it. I’m a genealogy addict. My brother’s two granddaughters (ages 9 and 7) were intently listening... Continue Reading →

A Call To Action

An inspirational speech brought to you by Linda Schreiber of GenealogyRambles: Well, it's time.... I need to open the door on all my old memories, and actually start writing my own story for my descendants. Scary prospect.... I can't just put in the bare facts and the pretty, pleasant things. I need to boil down,... Continue Reading →

Two Postcards

By Mary Schultz No one sends postcards these days. Electronic devices are so easy to use to stay in touch. Photos, messages and information can be sent in seconds. Could a postcard or letter that takes forever to arrive mean anything? This is a story about two postcards, decades apart, that brought family together. The... Continue Reading →

Naming Patterns as an Aid to Research

By Nancy Crawford   Naming patterns can be a terrific aid to research. One example that springs readily to mind is the way naming patterns provided an essential clue to breaking down a former brick wall in my own research. I had always known that one of my great-great grandfather’s was named James Allison Ferry... Continue Reading →

Tip From A Family Historian

By Cathleen Bravo I love organization!!! I can't express enough on how important it is when doing genealogy. There are so many ways to organize your data. There are binders, scrapbooks, lists, hard drives, genealogy programs, etc. I use all of these methods but wanted something to compliment each individual that I could place in... Continue Reading →

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