How I Became the Family Historian

By Cathleen Bravo When I was about 10 years old,  I would ask some questions about my family and would write the answers down. Not sure why I did. My paternal grandma didn't write so I would write for her. I would ask her about her life as a young girl every time I spent... Continue Reading →

Two Postcards

By Mary Schultz No one sends postcards these days. Electronic devices are so easy to use to stay in touch. Photos, messages and information can be sent in seconds. Could a postcard or letter that takes forever to arrive mean anything? This is a story about two postcards, decades apart, that brought family together. The... Continue Reading →

Spotlight Stories: Thanksgiving

In this column we ask our members to share brief stories related to a specific topic each week. Since American's celebrated Thanksgiving on November 23rd this year we have gathered a selection of Thanksgiving memories from readers. Next Week: Would you like to contribute to the next issue? Send a picture and up to 250 words... Continue Reading →


By Leigh Pritchard Loss doesn't always have to be a sad thing. Yes, in the beginning you cry, then you are angry (I am still in this section), and maybe you can come to terms with what has happened. But when it is all said and done, you can try to look back at the... Continue Reading →

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time is not the the beginning of a child's story of dragon's, castles, and love won and lost. For a genealogist it is a daily history of dusty papers and glazed eyes as we stare at the glowing eye of a computer.  We stumble among the stones of an often overgrown graveyard... Continue Reading →

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