A Dream or Vision

Following is a poem submitted by Courtney Birkes and written by her 2nd great-grandmother, Eva Lloyd Roy in 1914. (Featured image is Eva's home ca. 1920s.) A Dream or Vision by Eva (Lloyd) Roy Written in March 1914, Dreamed in 1867 When but a little child at home Within the silent night, I started on... Continue Reading →

Craft Room: Quilted Wall Hanging

By Heather Denholm An original art work by Bleggy I am happy to share how I made my quilted wall hanging of our children’s direct line ancestors. The back ground has a story of its own. The back-ground strips are mostly material left over from making clothing for our children, school uniforms, sports clothes, summer pyjamas... Continue Reading →

Creating a Genealogy Book

By Anne Marie Rock This post was inspired by Anne Marie's post on the GAA Facebook group. Group members can see the original post here. Have you ever thought about putting together a book to share your genealogy research with your family?  I completed my first book a couple years ago and am currently in... Continue Reading →

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