Top 10 Reasons to Write for GAA Magazine

By Ellen Anderson, Editor You've been thinking about submitting an article for GAA Magazine, but you haven't actually done it yet. Here are 10 reasons you should bite the bullet and hit send! You will be able to brag that you are a published author. It's an opportunity to share your research with a like-minded audience. Get... Continue Reading →

Editor’s Note: Holiday Hiatus

Dear Readers, GAA Magazine will take a short break for the holidays. We will resume publication with our fourth issue on January 12, 2018! Until then, please keep sending your submissions to It might take a few weeks to receive a response. Thanks for your patience and have a safe and happy winter season!... Continue Reading →

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time is not the the beginning of a child's story of dragon's, castles, and love won and lost. For a genealogist it is a daily history of dusty papers and glazed eyes as we stare at the glowing eye of a computer.  We stumble among the stones of an often overgrown graveyard... Continue Reading →

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