By Marlene Gale    I was the youngest in the family and wanted to learn my history, as most of the great grandparents and grandparents were gone before I was old enough to meet them.  My Parents, Aunt, and Uncles on my fathers side told of the mystery of my Great Grandfather George Paterson McGregor... Continue Reading →

How The Sutherlin Story Ended, or did it

By Sue Neikirk Part 4 So many have asked for me to write the Sutherlin story but this is not just a story of William Sutherlin. The story goes much further than just William, it stretches through decades of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. William Sutherlin was tried and found guilty of murder and given... Continue Reading →

Finding Abraham Schmidt

by Karen Henninger Abraham Schmidt, FindAGrave Fun to Share...Seriously, who finds a virtually unknown, great, great grandfather's tombstone by sheer accident; stumbling upon it while photographing tombstones of the other branch of the family? Not to mention, a SMITH! I only recently found out that my great, great grandfather was Abraham Smith from my great,... Continue Reading →

The Unknown Story of Elizabeth

By Diane Pusieski In the cemetery at St. Louis Catholic Church, there is a headstone of a little girl who is related to me.  I have never known of this young child as she died so early in life.  Her name is Elizabeth Kleczynski; she was born 12 May 1924 and died 17 May 1924. ... Continue Reading →

My Abe Lincoln Connection

By Kathryn Knudsen In the many documents I inherited from my father's vast collection of genealogy research I found a letter written by my great-great-grandfather Artemas Brooks Woodworth to his grandchildren, one of whom was my grandmother, Catharine Woodworth.  The letter outlined a connection between his brother and Abraham Lincoln!  Upon this discovery, of course, I had... Continue Reading →

My Grandmother

By Gloria Caruso My grandmother, Gloria Eugenia Leopoldan Abren Morejon was born in Artemisa, Cuba. Her name was bigger than she was at barely 5 ft tall, but don’t let that fool you. You’d never know by looking at her that she was Cuban, she was so pale. I have no clue if her red... Continue Reading →

The Lady from Duneany

By Pattie Morgan I will tell you of my great-grandmother, Elizabeth Scott.  Hers is a life that bridges two centuries – and two countries. Born in Duneany on 27 November 1872, Lizzie was the first of ten children born to James Scott and Mary Calderwood.  The Ireland in which Lizzie grew up was a turbulent... Continue Reading →

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