Tis’ The Season!!!

by Sue Neikirk

We, as genealogy addicts know, love this time of year. It is time to store up on your years worth of genealogy supplies. Some would shop for their little students return to that large building of education but for us Addicts it is a time of gathering supplies like squirrels gather acorns for the winter.

So what do you need in supplies?

Binders. Get lots in different sizes and colors

Labels and a label maker (if it is affordable)

Post-its of all sizes, a few packs of these are useful for everything not just genealogy…gasp

College Composition notebooks. I am going to get about 10 this year. I always end up buying more, and you can use them for lots of things.

Pens. Get different colors. Red is important.

Highlighters of different colors


Separators with tabs for your binders


Address book. I use one for all my favorite/important sites so I dont have to remember them. I have lost bookmarks on my computer so I have them safe in my book along with passwords

Three hole paper punch so you can add pages to your binder and

Reinforcement labels….the little circles that go around the holes you punch…so those hole are stable in your binder.

Please keep an eye out for all acid free for any vintage items you have. You don’t want to use most of the above on your beloved family items. Look for archival sales, if there are any. Make copies of everything, put the copies into the binders and place all papers and photos into your archive boxes or sleeves. KISA….Keep it safe Addicts.

So what else are you looking for?

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