Michigan Genealogy Sites

Michigan By French cartographer¬†Guillaume de L'Isle 1718 By Sue Nekirk Welcome to Michigan genealogy sites. So let's start with a simple history of Michigan. Of course I always urge everyone to dig lots deeper in state and even county histories. Learning the history of any place is necessary since history happens...barriers, county and street names... Continue Reading →

Tis’ The Season!!!

by Sue Neikirk We, as genealogy addicts know, love this time of year. It is time to store up on your years worth of genealogy supplies. Some would shop for their little students return to that large building of education but for us Addicts it is a time of gathering supplies like squirrels gather acorns... Continue Reading →

Searching for Mr. Morgan

By Pattie Morgan I have been seriously researching my family tree since about 1991. One of my more challenging subjects has been my great-grandfather, George W. Morgan. Two things about this man remained elusive: documentation linking him to his parents and the facts regarding his death. After more than twenty years of doing genealogy, I... Continue Reading →

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