Your Local Genealogy Library

By Sue Randolph-Neikirk

Everyone’s local libraries are, hopefully, fully reopening! YIPPEE. But do you know what that library may have for you, the genealogy addict? All for free! Go to your library on line site and you can find what is on offer for you right in your own home.

Your library may offer goodies like these:

Library Ancestry. This is usually the Library Edition but it is better than nothing. Many libraries do not offer this at home.


Fold3 is not the easiest to use but is often essential in your search. this site has the US and international records.

  • Historic newspapers
  • Civil War records
  • Historic photo collections
  • Historic military records

Your library site may also have newspaper databases, some free on any computer such as CHRONICLING AMERICA but also which is a pay may be on your library site….YIPPEE!

There are probably lots more at on your libraries site so check it out today! Don’t forget what they have to offer on those shelves at your library. If you are looking for that certain book they do not carry don’t be sad about that ask the librarian for an interlibrary loan. This goes for fiction and non-fiction books. Your librarian has that magical ability to seek out a book that can be borrowed from another library from around the country, even from Library of Congress. The interlibrary loan is too often overlooked and an important cheap/free source for your genealogy research. If you want to find the right book for your own shelves first check out interlibrary loan to make sure it is a perfect fit and not a waste of your money.

You can also visit the GAA Library on Facebook. (2) GAA Library | Facebook We suggest all types of genealogy books, both fiction and non fiction. We even suggest videos and zoom presentations, anything you can find in your local library we try to suggest. Books for children of all ages, it is never too early to get children addicted. Series of many authors around the world. These mystery series have helped me with some research ideas I had never thought of.

Nathan Dylan Goodwin Is a Genealogical Crime Mystery Writer. He has three different series for genealogy and are all fun reads. You can also find the in audio and Kindle. I was instantly drawn into his books. Nothing at all heavy about them…thank goodness.

M.J. Lee. Another genealogical mystery (isn’t all genealogy a mystery) writer. A wonderful Jayne Sinclair Genealogical Mysteries (8 book series) will make you need to rethink some of your troublesome ancestors. I listened to The Irish Inheritance at work and hated when it came to the end, then discovered there are seven more!

M.K. Jones: I have just discovered her series The Maze Investigation. Cannot wait to get into this series. This series goes into the supernatural for an extra added bonus for those that like a bit of the spooky in your reading. There are five books in this series, so far.

Don’t forget the serious books. Sorry but we do have to get back to the research at some time.

We, at some time, will wander the graveyards and cemeteries so it is good to have a book to assist us in understanding the art of the stones we are looking at. There are many books out there to assist you.

Often these non fiction books can be pricey so I cannot stress enough…INTERLIBRARY LOAN AT YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY before you even think of buying them. If you can get them cheaper used that would be great. Your library may surprise yo and even own one for you to use

There are so many more books out there for your reading fun. Tell us what you want to read at the GAA Library.

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