Tales From Small Town Genealogy

By Melissa Lowrey Fugiel

So one of my brickiest-of-all-brick walls is a fellow by the name of Joseph H. Taylor. All I’ve ever had, for all my searching and scrambling, is his tombstone. Then, as I glazed over various “hints” from our “favorite” genealogy website, I encountered a man by the name of Samuel Taylor who had named his OWN SON Joseph H. Taylor, and his daughter Mary Lucretia Taylor. Joseph’s wife’s name was…Lucretia. It started to look like more than a coincidence. He was born in the same town. He was within 2 years of Joseph. I started to guess they could be brothers.

Find A Grave

So as a true addict, after I searched and researched Samuel, I trolled around Ancestry’s family trees until I found someone who had done a tree for Samuel. I knew where he’d been, but didn’t see anything about his parents which was of course what I’d hoped for.

The researcher didn’t know anything, and it turned out was a tree for a friend so her DNA wouldn’t have helped anyway. Although she did mention that her friend and her turned out to be related by marriage, which is always a fun thing to find.

And fast forward to today. I see a person who has a gravestone pic of the wife of a person in my tree. I didn’t have this link, so I popped off to see who had it and to see, well, what she had in her tree for the kith and kin. Here’s where it gets tricky. She had one William Haney’s picture for a *different* William Haney, who are both in the same family but not the same people. And for her William Haney who had the wrong photo, she had different parents.

(For anyone playing along, the William she had the photo for was the son of James Haney. The William she has was James Haney’s brother, William.)

Like a good genealogist, I figure I want to compare notes with this person! Maybe I’m wrong! Maybe she’s found John’s gravestone! Maybe he never left Canada…etc., etc., etc. I go to pop off a message to her only to realize that she’s the SAME PERSON I TALKED TO ABOUT JOSEPH TAYLOR.

Here’s the punchline, then. IF I’m right, we’re both descendants of John Haney whose ancestor married Joseph Taylor, making her and her friend in-laws again. 😃


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