A Dream or Vision

Following is a poem submitted by Courtney Birkes and written by her 2nd great-grandmother, Eva Lloyd Roy in 1914. (Featured image is Eva’s home ca. 1920s.)

A Dream or Vision

Eva (Lloyd) Roy

by Eva (Lloyd) Roy
Written in March 1914, Dreamed in 1867

When but a little child at home
Within the silent night,
I started on a journey
With prospects of very bright.

Soon I saw amid my dreaming,
An angel was at my side;
Saying the way was perilous
And he would be my guide.

Glancing far away before me,
There was nothing to alarm
I love the lonely solitude,
And I declined his arm.

I felt so confident oh so sure,
I could keep in the right way;
I was alarmed when I perceived,
My feet had gone astray.

Still pressing on I was so glad,
There was no one but me;
If I was lost loved ones was safe,
What a comfort that would be.

The way grew unknown and weary,
The hills so hard to climb,
Maid briars, crags, and stony paths,
I was fearful all the time.

Alone a mountain side,
That extended high and steep,
I walked a very narrow path,
Beneath was water’s deep.

Oh! Agonies extreme,
One searching swift look back,
Sister was clinging to my coat,
And for miles along the track.

Others was coming, coming on
Did they all depend on me,
My feet were slipping, I caught for rocks,
But the rocks rushed into the sea.

Again and again the rocks gave way,
Oh! God what could I do
If I dashed below to the roaring stream,
I would drag my loved ones too.

A downward plunge to terror,
A frightened, piercing scream,
My mother hastened to my side,
And said it was a dream.

Vivid as the night I dreamed it,
I often shudder still,
As I see again the look of reproach,
On the faces along the hill.

And I often ask the question,
Do they follow all along,
Are we then our brothers’ keepers,
Leading someone right or wrong?

Then we should be watchful, careful,
Of our influence day by day.
Lest through some mistake or folly
We might lead someone astray.

Someone will follow in our footsteps,
Do the very things we do.
If lost their punishment and anguish,
They will blame to me and you

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