Sue’s Sites For Successful Searches

By Sue Neikirk For all the pay genealogy sites out there, there are as many free sites. Yes, we have to look a bit harder but let’s start with a few of my favorites that I often post at the GAA site on Facebook. So here are some you really need to keep track of.... Continue Reading →

The Question of William Wallis

By Sue Bergen My grandfather used to fulminate “William Wallis – he stole everything AND he got away with it!”  My aunt recalled that, as a child, she heard that her grandfather used to have a big house with antique rugs and that he lost it all.  She thought that he must have been remarkably... Continue Reading →

Creating a Genealogy Book

By Anne Marie Rock This post was inspired by Anne Marie's post on the GAA Facebook group. Group members can see the original post here. Have you ever thought about putting together a book to share your genealogy research with your family?  I completed my first book a couple years ago and am currently in... Continue Reading →

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