Tracing outside your direct line

How I proved my connection to the Helfrich Family by Jen Rickards of Auntie Jen's Family Trees Originally published on Auntie Jen's Family Trees. Visit the original post. There has been a lot of talk amongst genealogists about researching people that are not in your direct line. Some feel it is not necessary. Well I... Continue Reading →

Finding Catherine: Part 2

By Nancy Gilbride Casey Last week, in Part 1, Nancy had a lead on her ancestor Catherine Gilbride. This week we hear what she learned. Please note a correction has been made to Part 1: "Since writing this article in December, my cousin Tom discovered that there had been a Hyde Park Catholic Cemetery in Scranton, as... Continue Reading →

Spotlight Stories: Say Cheese!

In this column we ask our members to share brief stories related to a specific topic each week. For this issue we asked for old photographs, either the oldest photo in the author's collection or the oldest ancestor they have a photograph of. Next Week: With Valentine's Day coming up we want some stories about... Continue Reading →

My Abe Lincoln Connection

By Kathryn Knudsen In the many documents I inherited from my father's vast collection of genealogy research I found a letter written by my great-great-grandfather Artemas Brooks Woodworth to his grandchildren, one of whom was my grandmother, Catharine Woodworth.  The letter outlined a connection between his brother and Abraham Lincoln!  Upon this discovery, of course, I had... Continue Reading →

Spotlight Stories

Your friendly editor wasn't around this week to nag everyone for submissions, so there is no new column this week. But no problem! To celebrate the newest addition to the GAA Facebook Group Family, the GAA Dark Room, next week's column will be about photographs! To contribute, send us either... the OLDEST family photo you... Continue Reading →

Finding Catherine: Part 1

By Nancy Gilbride Casey Updated with corrections 1/12/2018 Every family has a few stubborn genealogical brick walls which seem insurmountable. Months and years of research may come and go with no resolution. In our family’s case, my cousin Tom and I were picking up where our Aunt Margaret had left off years ago–back in the... Continue Reading →

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