The Lady from Duneany

By Pattie Morgan I will tell you of my great-grandmother, Elizabeth Scott.  Hers is a life that bridges two centuries – and two countries. Born in Duneany on 27 November 1872, Lizzie was the first of ten children born to James Scott and Mary Calderwood.  The Ireland in which Lizzie grew up was a turbulent... Continue Reading →

Spotlight Stories: Veteran’s Day

In this new column for GAA we ask our members to share brief stories related to a specific topic each week. In honor of Veterans' Day on November 11th's we have collected stories about veterans and researching them. Next Week: Would you like to contribute to the next issue? Send a picture and up to... Continue Reading →

Bolts in the Military

By Leigh Pritchard Typing “Bolts in the Military” in the search bar can be a problem. You are going to get A LOT of results and probably 9 out of 10 of them will not be what you want. I started my research for Bolts in the military by using Google and other search engines.... Continue Reading →

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time is not the the beginning of a child's story of dragon's, castles, and love won and lost. For a genealogist it is a daily history of dusty papers and glazed eyes as we stare at the glowing eye of a computer.  We stumble among the stones of an often overgrown graveyard... Continue Reading →

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