Genealogy Crafts for December

Holiday Crafting for the Family It is a big crafting time of year! It is a time we dig out all the family photos, lace great auntie Edna made years ago, old cards from long ago and Christmas ornaments that had been hung with care my granny. You may have found a baby curl with... Continue Reading →

Christmas Time 1943

Christmas Time of 1943 By Susan Randolph Neikirk Welcome to 1943. The world has been at war for too long and things are getting more and more scarce, but Christmas must still be celebrated so civilians share ideas on how to get by and enjoy the season with innovative and fun ideas on how to... Continue Reading →

Annie’s Story

Annie's Story by Jan Wester      Annie is not a direct ancestor; she is a 1st cousin 2x removed. She was born during the early years of the Civil War probably in Lauderdale, Alabama, into the family of my 2nd grandparents, Thomas Johnson and Rebecca Robinson/Robertson Liles. Annie is black; the rest of the Thomas... Continue Reading →

Snow Ice Cream

Snow Ice Cream The saying goes, "When life gives you lemons make lemonade". Well the same goes for snow. When Mother Nature gives you too much snow eat it. In other words, make snow ice-cream. I grew up with mom making snow ice cream after a large snowfall. She would grab a large bowl and... Continue Reading →

Seeking Help

Seeking Help Seeking the parents of Mary Ann Pierce, born about 1808 in DE or NJ, died 17 Oct 1878 in Kennedyville, Kent County, MD. Sometimes her name is seen as Mary N. On 20 Mar 1828 she married John Sapp in Salem, NJ "all of the Northern Liberties." John and Mary had three children:... Continue Reading →

Worldwide Halloween Through History

31 Oct 1938 Courier-Mail Brisbane, Australia I am always hearing from people in other countries that us Americans are to blame for Halloween but when looking through newspapers I see it equally celebrated by countries and peoples of all ages. Even in early days adults were dressing up and going to Halloween parties. Halloween was... Continue Reading →

Which Witch

Your Witchy Research I have always wanted to find a witch in my family. Some of you may be shocked with that confession. Discovery of an accused witch in a family is genealogy gold. The records of the women, men and children can be found online. Accused witches were not just found in Salem but... Continue Reading →

Halloween Happenings and Fun

Back to the simpler times where we create our own Halloween fun. Times of bobbing for apples and eating homemade goodies fresh from Mrs. Randel's kitchen just down the block, fresh taffy apples and some cookies from another neighbor. A fun time for the kids. Have some fun for the kids. If you get a... Continue Reading →

Illinois Genealogy Sites

Welcome to Illinois Genealogy Illinois, also known as "Land of Lincoln" was made the official state slogan of Illinois in 1955. Before that it was the "Prairie State", but throughout the 19th century the state of Illinois was well known as "the Sucker State". The origin of that name is subject to debate and many... Continue Reading →

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