Tales From Small Town Genealogy

By Melissa Lowrey Fugiel So one of my brickiest-of-all-brick walls is a fellow by the name of Joseph H. Taylor. All I've ever had, for all my searching and scrambling, is his tombstone. Then, as I glazed over various "hints" from our "favorite" genealogy website, I encountered a man by the name of Samuel Taylor... Continue Reading →

How The Sutherlin Story Ended, or did it

By Sue Neikirk Part 4 So many have asked for me to write the Sutherlin story but this is not just a story of William Sutherlin. The story goes much further than just William, it stretches through decades of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. William Sutherlin was tried and found guilty of murder and given... Continue Reading →

The Census Is Coming, Finally

By Jen Rickards The time has come for the 1950 census to be released to the public from the US Census Bureau. Genealogists and Historians have been waiting for this release, well, since the last census (1940) was released in April 2012. This census will have many people on it including our parents and grandparents, and... Continue Reading →

Genealogy…it’s a Trip!

By Sharon Albright Moelle Since starting on the ancestor quest in 2001, my journey has taken a lot of twists and turns.  The unsolved mysteries have led to more mysteries and more questions of where we came from.  Some have been solved.  Some are pending.  Some answers may never see the light of day.  It... Continue Reading →

Massachusetts Genealogy Sites

By Sue Neikirk Get to know your states to understand your family history. Did you know that Maine was part of Massachusetts until 1820? So if you have family in Maine check out this state. Maine was part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts until 1820 when it voted to secede from Massachusetts to become a separate state.... Continue Reading →

Buried Beneath A Mule

What I discovered By Susan Neikirk Part 3 Starke County Democrat 17 Dec 1896 November 16, 1896 at about 9P.M., Wheat Woodruff stood listening to loud voices quarrelling near the Election School House and heard several sudden shots which Wheat decided not to investigate. The following morning the little sons od Adrian VanDalen found a... Continue Reading →

Break Down The Wall With Newspapers

by Susan Neikirk At Genealogy Addicts Anonymous and all the other genealogy sites we are always asked "Now What? I have looked everywhere for more documents. What is next?" Sorry but no newspaper site has all the newspaper we would like. Newspapers are are a huge step in finding your family. Not only will you,... Continue Reading →

Buried Beneath A Mule

Part 2 By Susan Niekirk From part one of Buried Beneath A Mule we saw that William Sutherlin had been acquitted of the death of William Hull in Warsaw, Indiana. I had left out the trial of the eight men held for the murder of Hull and will give a shortened tale of the events... Continue Reading →


KENTUCKY Kentucky circa 1817 by Sue Neikirk In 1775 Daniel Boone guided settlers into Kentucky along the Wilderness Road and then on  1 June 1792, Kentucky became the 15th state to join the Union of the new country of America. Originally part of Virginia (District of Kentucky: Fayette, Jefferson, and Lincoln counties). Today there are... Continue Reading →

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