Gettin’ Crafty With It

May already! I am sure we will have less crafts during the nice warm months. We would rather be outside in the warm sun and creating memories with family and digging in the gardens and possibly wandering graveyards and visiting new places. I do hope you all will share your summertime adventures with us here... Continue Reading →

Newspapers in Genealogy Research

By Susan Randolph Neikirk Newspapers! Not just for the bottom of your bird cage anymore! During a large brick wall of my own I could not find any way past my great-great grandfather to his parents until his own obituary stated the names of his niece and nephew which then led me to their own... Continue Reading →

V-E DAY – “Victory in Europe Day”

V-E DAY – “Victory in Europe Day” By Karen V. Sipe Great Britain, and the United States celebrate V-E Day. One of the most famous days on the calendar, 8 May 1945. This was the day World War II ended in Europe. Today other European countries join Great Britain and the United States in celebrations.... Continue Reading →

Pennsylvania Genealogy Sites

Pennsylvania Genealogy Sites By Susan Randolph Neikirk Pennsylvania may have been one of the original 13 colonies, but it was much older in the history of the colonies and eventually the United States. The first settlers in the new land were the Swedes, traveling up the Delaware from a settlement at the present site of... Continue Reading →

May schedule for Genealogy Adventures Live

May 1st - Learning about Foundlings with author Ron Levi and his book Spitting Image A Foundlings Memoir Show Summary What is a Foundling? They are children, usually babies, that have been abandoned by parents and discovered and cared for by others. When you think of hard research to do this definitely ranks in the... Continue Reading →

Tiny Clues Can Tell It All

by Anna Marie Rock Why you should never dismiss any clue when it comes to genealogy (Also why you should never give up hope): My grandpa died in 1994 and my mom inherited a ton of family photos - mostly unidentified. A couple years later, we sat down one afternoon with my great aunt (Grandpa's... Continue Reading →

Far From Home

Far From Home by Carla Garner Kenji Yamada registration card Sitting here this evening with my cup of tea, watching out the windows at the gray lowering skies and the wind bent trees, I wonder what the young Japanese men who came here to mine the gold and silver in the early 20th Century thought... Continue Reading →

Junk Journals

Junk Journals by Anne Dickinson A year or so ago I made what's called a "Junk Journal" for a friend.  He had asked me what one was, so I compiled his genealogy and created one.  I will have to ask him if it is okay to share with the GAA Magazine.  He gave me permission... Continue Reading →

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